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Frozen Playset (literally) by technodrumguy
Frozen Playset (literally)
Ok, first off, this was not my idea. I found this at… while looking for fun things to do with my daughters. That said...

I was surfing the web one afternoon looking for fun crafts to do with my 3 girls (11, 7, & 3)and I found this great Frozen Castle idea. Knowing how much they love the movie I new this would be a hit! It took about 4 days using 2 molds to get the castle configuration that they wanted and all I can say is that they had a blast (while it lasted). All in all we had 4 towers and 3 walls, which lasted about an hour in the summer heat. They did play with the first two pieces a bit when they were initially done and we had to refreeze them...but that little bit of play is why we ended up building the larger version.

Thanks for looking!
Halloween 2013 - Zombie FX Makeup - Saving Face 2 by technodrumguy
Halloween 2013 - Zombie FX Makeup - Saving Face 2
Again, in 2013 I was able to actually peel my entire Zombie face off in one piece (for the most part). So, here it is...Saving Face Part 2! 
(I actually still have this sitting around)
Inside out ZhuZhu Pet by technodrumguy
Inside out ZhuZhu Pet
I made this the other day for my 7 year old. She's been into ZhuZhu pets since they came out and as with any toy the more you love them...the more likely they are to end up a little worn out. That was the case with this little guy. Being a tinkerer, I was going to take the dead ZhuZhu apart and harvest the motor, gears, etc for later projects. 

Once it was totally apart, I was inspired by the shape and look of the circuit board and the over all style of the parts I had left. SO...I went to my parts bin, pulled out some scrap wire, a salvaged white LED, an old on/off switch (from a dead power supply), and a few old wheels from other former toys. After about an hour of soldering the parts together and modding the case just a bit, I mounted everything backing in place. and this little creature was born.

It's not technically a robot, but instead just a cool little toy that roles around the house and from time to time bugs the cat. The upgraded wheels offer a bit more clearance on the floor and there by has also increased it's speed, making it a bit more fun to chase.

My daughter loved the fact that I salvaged her ZhuZhu to create this and as her others pass on, we plan on making more. She named this one "Roller-coaster", but she normally just calls him "Little Guy".
Halloween 2012 - Zombie FX Makeup - Saving Face by technodrumguy
Halloween 2012 - Zombie FX Makeup - Saving Face
Over the last few years, the coats of latex I've been applying have been getting thicker, as my Zombie costume has evolved. Halloween 2012 was the first time I was able to pretty much peel my face off and keep it, though I didn't keep it long. I had my wife take this just as a keepsake. Leatherface anyone?
Cheese the Chao by technodrumguy
Cheese the Chao
I made this little guy for my daughters, who absolutely love Sonic the Hedgehog!

I had been repairing a damaged Chao plush for them and the doll reminded me of these little rubber figures they have. Some have ninja masks, some skull faces, some are clear, some general they are pretty cute gumball machine figures they like to collect. 
After realizing the similarity of the body types, I found a figure in the same light blue as the plush. I cleaned off the printed face with a little nail polish remover and went to work with a toothpick and a little paint. The ball on top of his head is a straight pin that I drove into the middle of the figure and paint yellow.

Needless to say, they loved it!!! It was a fun and easy little mod and we have since made roughly 20 of them together.


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